About ICOMOS-Belarus NC

ICOMOS-Belarus is the leading expert organisation in the sphere of heritage in Belarus, officially registered in 2002 and re-registered in 2007. It accumulates 52 experts from various heritage domains, from architecture history to construction and museums which allows us to conduct independent monitorings of heritage sector and to be a provider of international (mostly western) heritage expertise and modern heritage thinking. Thus we are the primal stakeholder of new methodologies, which are supposed to be developed in course of project.

In the given project we going to engage local heritage initiatives, provide «interdisciplinary laboratories» with relevant Belarusian cases (mainly Jewish and totalitarian heritage) and disseminate the results through the ICOMOS international network. Also we will organise workshops and information events in the territory of Belarus and coordinate Belarusian participation in events abroad.

Past projects:

03-09.2018 – Development of community-based restoration concept for former Ashmiany synagogue.

04-08.09.2017 – participation in preparation of a serial transboundary nomination to UNESCO World Heritage List “Post-war Socialist Architecture in Central and Eastern Europe” (Minsk).

01.10.2016-31.03.2017 – Preparing a Report on Developing Cultural Heritage Sector in Belarus.

1.07.2015 – 30.06.2017 – “The Mirages and Miracles of Ashmiany” project in the framework of European Commission’s sponsored project “CHOICE – Cultural Heritage: Opportunity for Improving Civic Engagement”.

08-11.2014 – research project “Restoration of Belarusian Castles as cultural and social project” (independent monitoring of governmental program “Castles of Belarus” implementation).

10.2012 – 10.2013 – design of the new permanent exhibition at Ashmiany Local History Museum.

2011-2013- detailed documentation, design of exposition guidelines and production for Exposition of Memorial Site there was Born Belarusian Poet M. Bahdanovitch, in Minsk City.

2009 – design of exposition guidelines and production for Exposition “Halszansky Alfabet”, in Holszany village.


Contact us:

Public association “Belarusian Committee of the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS)”

220029, Minsk, Komunalnaya Emb., 6

E-mail: belarus.icomos@gmail.com